DoP Tuesdays: 22nd December

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DoP Tuesdays

'When I'm on set and I hear the Director and Producer talking about what their next project might be'

(Taken from DoP Life: )

It's not a festive one but it will get you thinking about work in the new year!


Monday Motivation: 21st December 2015

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Monday Motivation

It's Christmas this week, so of course our quote will be Christmas themed! So during this festive period find your inspiration and use it to fuel your projects into the new year!

Happy Monday!


Business Networking 101

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Working Wednesday: Business Networking 101

For most, when we talk about "Business Networking" it sends shivers down their spines. When you Google Business Networking the definition that comes up is "an effective low-cost marketing method for developing sales". To me that sounds dreary.

Yes, business networking is an excellent way to generate business development as people like to do business with people; but this does not mean it needs to be a feared, tiring and sometimes boring event. If this is how you feel, turn that feeling around and see it as an opportunity to meet "your" people. By this I mean the people who can help you and your business, or who you can help. 

At these events, meeting people, getting to know their company/service or product and listening to their needs, then explaining how you can help is much more favourable than having your polished sales pitch ready to throw at anyone who will listen. Show a real interest in the people around you and ask great questions, if you do this you will be more memorable.

The most important thing to remember is that "there is no such thing as a waste of time" if you aren't lucky enough to get a hot lead, or that big client you wanted, you have experienced and learned. For every person you speak to you become braver to initiate conversations, now don't "work the room" you are not there to gather as many business cards as you can physically fit in your pockets, you are there to strike up meaningful and lasting relationships with people. These are the people that will possibly refer you to a potential client.

Another thing to ease you into these situations is that even the most seasoned networker (you know the person I mean, they seem to have it together at all times and know exactly what to say and when, they are usually the people with a flock around them) are nervous too. You are not alone! But if you notice, these people smile and engage, they use that nervous energy and turn it into excitement, excitement is contagious. 

So, that event you don't want to attend, go. Wear a smile, know your service or product, show a genuine passion and enthusiasm, and listen to others. You'll leave a lasting impression which makes following up that little bit easier.

Happy Networking!


DoP Tuesdays: 15th December 2015

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DoP Tuesdays

This post taken from the hilarious DoP life:

'When you're panning during the take and you discover the runner on their first day is frantically trying to wedge themselves out of the way into the corner of the set'


Monday Motivation: 14th December 2015

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Monday Motivation

This week's quote is from Nikola Tesla himself.

Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.


Friday Favourites: 11th December 2015

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Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Just two more to go until Christmas!

1) This 'Behind The Scenes' Advert: Vision Direct

2) This Picture: Client Expectations

3) This Picture: CEO-Intern


Post Production Thursdays: 10th December

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Post Production Thursdays

Each Thursday we will post on anything to do with post production. This week we kick off with this website:

Movies In Colour is a website that features shots from films and the colour palettes to match. It's a great thing to use for inspiration, references and even to learn more.


The Rise of Corporate Video

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Working Wednesday: The Rise of Corporate Video

Corporate Video. I know what you're thinking... boring! I'm here to tell you it's not. As mentioned in a previous post 'Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?' video is quickly becoming the best way to advertise and promote your services as well as to communicate within your establishment.

 Corporate videos have gone through an evolution of sorts, we started with shots within the office and people typing away, and a voice over that sends you to sleep, only to be suddenly awoken by the logo of the company to symbolize the end of the video and the end of your suffering. And now, the corporate videos are starting to be more interesting by having more variety in them.

However, this video for Risual takes it to a whole new level:


DoP Tuesdays: 8th December 2015

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DoP Tuesdays

This is our first post for DoP Tuesdays. Every Tuesday our Co-Founder Artur will post a gif depicting the woes and loves of being a Director of Photography. All inspired and taken from the infamous 'DoP Life' Tumblr account.

Here is the first, titled:

'When the first AD asks me if I'm ready to turn over'


Monday Motivation: 7th December 2015

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Monday Motivation

Hello all it's Monday Motivation and we have a brilliant piece for you!



Friday Favourites: 4th December 2015

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Friday Favourites: 4th December 2015

Last week we gave you music videos, this week we will give you more range.

1) This Advert: Dear Kitten

2) This Quote: Stories

3) This Fashion Short: The Kooples


The Beauty Of Film Part Two

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Working Wednesday: The Beauty of Film Part Two

Last week we gave you the simply amazing trailer for The Hateful Eight. Shot on 65mm with it's full release in Ultra Panavision 70.

Below is a clip by the cast and crew introducing this exciting film!