Monday Motivation: 30th November

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Monday Motivation

Last Wednesday we posted about Quentin Tarantino, and today we have a motivational quote from him.

"When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'No, I went to films'"

It doesn't matter what your background is. If you have the motivation for something, do it.


Friday Favourites 27th November 2015

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Friday Favourites: 27th November 2015

This week we have a treat for you, all three of our favourites are new music videos. They are all very different but just as inspiring as the last.

1) This Video: Chemical Brothers

2) This Video: Hurts

3)This Video: Ten Walls

Have a lovely weekend!



The Beauty of Film

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Working Wednesday: The Beauty of Film

Filmmaking is an Art

Gone are the days of shooting on film, or are they. Now with an industry saturated with digital cinema cameras film has slipped to the sidelines. Discussions of film have divided filmmakers, with many stating that they can't tell the difference between shooting on film and digital, while the other side heavily disputes this.

With quick changing and developing new technologies, shooting on digital allows you to flex your creative muscles more, and make more weird and wonderful shots. Shooting on film can limits this.

Here is the trailer for Tarantino's new film 'Hateful 8' that was shot on 65mm.

Film or digital, its the people that make the picture, but film will always be that little bit more magical to watch, depending on what you're going for!

Here are also some stills our Editor took on the 1980's Yashica FR.



Monday Motivation: 23rd November 2015

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Monday Motivation

The winter has officially arrived and to celebrate, here is all the motivation you need!

And for the making on Snow Day, check this out:


Friday Favourites: 20th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

This week we have a Christmas theme to our Friday Favourites since there are some amazing christmas adverts out there. So sit back, watch and enjoy!

1) Christmas Advert: John Lewis

2) Christmas Advert: House of Fraser

3) Christmas Advert: Argos


Making Content

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Working Wednesday: Making Content 

Making the right content for your business is absolutely paramount. 

Marketeers want to tell captivating tales that entice the audience to want to know more, and thus more about the brand. Especially now that there are so many way of ducking and weaving out of having to be 'subjected' to advertising.

David Messinger explains it perfectly in his article "4 Lessons Hollywood Can Teach Brands About Winning Big Audiences" in AdWeek. He explains that marketeers could learn from Hollywood on producing innovative, mind capturing content. As, arguably, no one does it better than Hollywood

For the full article from the man himself, click here


(Taken from AdWeek)


Monday Motivation: 16th November 2015

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Monday Motivation

"Scorsese once told me, 'The things you do poorly are as much a part of your style as the things you do well.' Which was totally true, and oddly reassuring." — David Fincher

Happy Monday! One of the Top Dogs at Dragon's Egg thought it was a great idea to start the week with this quote from Fincher. So make your failures your own, embrace them, learn from them and get back out there.



Friday Favourites: 13th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

It's Friday the 13th, so no walking under ladders and stay away from black cats! Instead make yourself comfortable and have a look at our Friday Favourites.

1) This Fashion Film: Insight Part Two: Desire

Of course at number one is our second teaser for Insight

2) This Music Video: Touch U

In at number two is our favourite music video right now!

3) This Advert: The Body Shop Christmas

And feel free to sing along to this chirpy number from the Body Shop.

Happy Friday!


Online Distribution

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Working Wednesday: Online Distribution

After the release of our music video 'Touch U' our attention is now on online distribution.

There are many ways to maximise your distribution, but first you need to provide amazing content. Content that will inspire and make people actually want to share the video around. You can post your video everywhere, but if your content isn't all that, you will find it hard to get the views and your sharing potential will dramatically decrease.

Once you have settled on the content and shot it, you then need to make use of all your social media sites. A good way to do this is to draw your audience in before the actual release date. Don't just hit your viewers with the video, make them excited to see it. If your audience are excited, again they are more likely to share your video around. A very good way to build the suspense is to set a timer, or a countdown on your homepage.

Once you have succeeded in gathering a mini following, it's time to release the video anywhere and everywhere you can. For example a blog. 

Which leads me onto my last point. For those of you who missed Monday's post, may I please refer you to the video Below. Produced by Dragon's Egg, the official music video 'Touch U'.


Monday Motivation: 9th November 2015

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Monday Motivation

This week's motivation is our music video that we are pleased to officially release today. Have a watch and share it around.




Friday Favourites: 6th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

We have officially locked picture on Touch U, our music video. Thus, as our one and only Friday Favourite, we are pleased to announce it's official release on Monday 9th November!



Luxury Property Show

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Working Wednesday: Luxury Property Show

Today we were very lucky to attend The Luxury Property Show at the beautiful Hurlingham Club in London, drumming up business.

Everyone from Real Estate Management to Investors were there, as well as some enjoyable and insightful seminars from industry professionals.

(Also, the new Tesla S Model made an appearance!)

Is was a great show in beautiful surroundings, looking forward to next year!



Monday Motivation: 2nd November 2015

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Monday Motivation

Today's Monday Motivation is this image. It's a still from our fashion shoot we shot in Belarus,our Editor and Director have been working tirelessly on it all weekend, and it's almost done!

Stay tuned for the release of the second trailer!