The Beauty of Film

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Working Wednesday: The Beauty of Film

Filmmaking is an Art

Gone are the days of shooting on film, or are they. Now with an industry saturated with digital cinema cameras film has slipped to the sidelines. Discussions of film have divided filmmakers, with many stating that they can't tell the difference between shooting on film and digital, while the other side heavily disputes this.

With quick changing and developing new technologies, shooting on digital allows you to flex your creative muscles more, and make more weird and wonderful shots. Shooting on film can limits this.

Here is the trailer for Tarantino's new film 'Hateful 8' that was shot on 65mm.

Film or digital, its the people that make the picture, but film will always be that little bit more magical to watch, depending on what you're going for!

Here are also some stills our Editor took on the 1980's Yashica FR.