Production Team vs Videographers

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Working Wednesday: Production Team or Videographers

The age old question. I want to produce a video but do I go for the Videographer or the Production Company?

What's the difference?

A videographer, is typically a camera operator that is either part of a small team or works solo. You may also find that some production companies hire individual videographers to shoot as and when. Whereas a production company tends to come with a much larger crew consisting of Directors, Producers, DoPs, Gaffers, Focus Pullers and the list goes on.

When do I use a Videographer instead of a Production Company?

This question relies on two very important things. What is it that you want to see in your production, and what is your budget. A well set up production company should be able to handle most of their clients needs and delivering to when the clients deadlines. This is helped by the larger crew that is employed. However, this can also mean that as the overheads are larger, the price may be bigger too. 
If you have a smaller budget and don't need much in terms of the shoot itself then a Videographer who can shoot and edit your video themselves may be best.

Will a Videographer have less experience than a Production Crew?

Not necessarily. When looking into who to use for your project, production company or Videographer you should always look into their previous works and experience. Sometimes a Videographer may have had a long career in a production company and has decided to take that experience into freelance work? Or maybe a company has been set up by Videographers.

To summarize, the Videographer will often do the work him/herself, whereas in a company you have tend to have a larger team. They are both great to work with, but it really depends on what you want to get out of the process and on what budget.

(Pictured: Zhenya Berline - shooting our backstage video for the Reckless Wolf  fashion shoot with our BlackMagic Cinema Camera)