Friday Favourites: 29th January 2016

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Friday Favourites

To start the weekend off, here are a mix of cultural and artistic favourites we gathered through the week!

1) This Website: The Map of Belarus Establishing

We love this website, it's a source of intresting information on the history and formation of Belarus, and its's interactive! As you scroll down the timeline you can actually see, animated on the map, how these specific events have shaped and reformed the country. Who said education wasn't fun!

2) This Music Video: Wide Open

As you may have seen in our Post Production post, this video's concept would not have been possible without the special effects applied in the post production stage of the project. We think it deserves the 'Favourite' status as it's so seamless and free flowing! 

3) This Still: Ocean

Taken from we love everything about this picture, from the contrast between light and deep colours, to the links between the endless ocean and the endless sky.



Post Production Thursdays: 28th January 2015

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Post Production Thursdays

As some of you may or may not have seen, The Chemical Brother's have released a music video for Wide Open. It's brilliant!

We decided to use it for our post production segment as, you will see, without post production and animation the concept wouldn't have been possible.

Using various tracking and 3D Scanning techniques they created a great piece of work!



Drone Fever

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Working Wednesday: Drone Fever

With the rise in the use of Drones, we thought it only fitting to mention it in this weeks Working Wednesday post.

Drones are great because they can achieve shots that we would otherwise find hard or a lot more expensive to get. This also means that we can incorporate these shots into our storyboards and make for a much more interesting, exciting and beautiful production to watch.

Many people are using them as an exploration tool as well. For example Channel 4 are coming out with a series of shorts called "Drones in Forbidden Zones". As seen below, these show places that are either too dangerous or forbidden for people to enter - Especially with camera equipment!

So keep the Drones in mind when you write your concepts and storyboards, they will bring added depth to your production!



DoP Tuesdays: 26th January 2016

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DoP Tuesday

Taken from DoP Life, we just love that face!

"When I’m waiting to get back on set but the red light is on."


Monday Motivation: 25th January 2016

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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! We love this quote, it's about living and acting now, simple, short and to the point.

Have a productive, motivated week!


Friday Favourites:22nd January 2016

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Friday Favourites: 22nd January 2016

We have all videos for you this week to enjoy! From the adverts that pull on your heartstrings to ever more trendy surreal music videos, we have it all here!

1) This Advert: Brotherly Love Coca Cola

Coca Cola always seem to excel at making exceptional adverts, and Brotherly Love is no exception!

2) This Music Video: Miike Snow

3) This other Music Video: Valentino Khan

We love the surrealism in this video, the stranger the better!

Have a fun filled weekend!!


Post Production Thursdays: 21st January 2016

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Post Production Thursdays: 21st January 2016

This Thursday we are showing you and excellent animation, obviously all done in post production. It's a Salvador Dali VR experience set to launch at his museum. And it's beautiful.

The world of Virtual Reality is taking off, and we are glad especially if you can make experiences such as these.


Production: From Pre to Post

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Working Wednesday: Production: From Pre to Post

This week we will talk through the main stages of production so here is a scenario.
You have won your client and the budget is agreed, they want a promotional video, where do you start? Pre Production.

Pre Production:

Step One: Get organised. You have your budget and script/ storyboard, now you need to list your crew and book equipment!

Step Two: Insurance. A main thing to think about is insurance and liability, you need to make sure you and your crew are covered by any eventuality to avoid any unforeseen and expensive costs. There are many insurance companies that specialise in film that you can call around for the best price.

Step Three: Location, Location, Location. Make sure you have your locations secured, and do a recce. Do you know where the nearest hospital is? Police Station? Where and what will your crew eat? And if your outside, do you need generators for your equipment and shelter for your crew?

Step Four: Scheduling, once you have secured your crew, equipment and locations you need to write a production schedule. What scenes are you going to shoot where and when? Don't forget you don't need to shoot your scenes in order. For example, if you have scenes 1, 5 and 9 in a barn, don't go back three times, shoot them all whilst you're there.

Step Five: Once you know what days you are in each location, you need to produce a call sheet. This acts as a mini schedule each day. It tells your crew what time they need to be where, important information and contact details, and even in what order you will shoot scenes. When writing this it's essential you take into consideration the little things, for example if you are outside in winter, it will get darker quicker, if you need the daylight you need to start earlier to leave yourself enough time - always overestimate how much time you will need. Also don't forget to write in lunch breaks! A crew is like an army, it runs on it's stomach!!

After all that your are ready to 'get rolling'!


Step One: Whilst you may have prepared for any eventuality, it's important to remember that just because you have spent a large amount of time in pre-production anything can go wrong, you need to swiftly deal with it any problems as they arise and move on, there often isn't time for a minor panic, you can save that for wrap!

Step Two: Follow your schedule as best you can, we all know things can change on the day, so be flexible but don't jeopardise your other shots.

Step Three: Enjoy it!

Post - Production:

Step One: You've had a successful shoot, you've got great footage, now it's time to shut yourself (or your Editor) away and edit. Don't forget to keep to the concept and script and bring in a fresh pair of eyes every now and then to get feedback.

Step Two: Once you have your shiny, polished, amazing new video, post it around and promote it! You and your crew worked hard on this so send it around to make sure as many people see it as possible!


DoP Tuesday: 19th January 2016

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DoP Tuesday

It's Tuesday, that means a fun gif from DoP Life! 

This week we have this for you,

'When I find an excuse to use a load of concert lighting.'



Monday Motivation: 18th January 2016

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  Monday Motivation

This Monday, the 18th, is referred to as "Blue Monday".

It's apparently meant to be the most depressing day of the year due to the lack of sunshine and it's not quite pay day. But fear not, we have a brilliant quote to get you energised and some great shots from the London Lumiere Festival that we attended!



Friday Favourites: 15th January 2015

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Friday Favourites

Don't panic, it's nearly the weekend and so we have three of our 'Favourites' to share!

1) This Russian Filmmaker: Eisenstein

Here is a short youtube documentary on the great man himself and his works.

2) This Documentary: The Day The Clown Cried

The BBC have bought out a new Documentary on the John Lewis film called "The Day The Clown Cried". A different genre to the normal John Lewis films, this one is set around the holocaust, and barely got released. Click on the link above to read the No Film School article on it.

3) This Short: Digits

We love this short and think you will too!

Happy Friday!


Post Production Thursdays: 14th January 2016

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Post Production Thursdays 

This week we have such a treat for you, it's called Fluid Experiments:

You can pull and manipulate the fluid by clicking and dragging around the screen.

 Looking like something out of a sci-fi film, you can have fun designing your own images!

The particles change colour depending on the magnitude of their velocity.




Trade Shows

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Working Wednesday: Trade Shows

Recently our team have been visiting trade shows to spread the word about Dragon's Egg and our promotional video services, and we have been visiting some exciting expos!

The Boat Show

The Boat Show was held at ExCel in London and displays all the latest kit and technologies in the marine world. Our Sales person was surrounded by Sunseekers, Range Rovers and crew wear. 

AEG International

This show was one of the most fun this year. The AEG International Show/ Visitor Attraction Show is where everyone in the gaming and visitor attraction industries gather for seminars and to boost their businesses. What was interesting to see were the latest technologies for the visitors, for example a wrist band that holds all your information that you can even use for purchases within the park! (They are also waterproof for those Water Park lovers!)


DoP Tuesday: 12th January

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DoP Tuesday

This week we have a little extra for you. Not only do we have a great quote complete with gif from DoP Life, but we will also be giving a brief introduction to Kodak's new Super 8 cinema camera.

'When you’re asked to step into the production trailer for a minute'

The Super 8!

It's back. Kodak reviving the Super 8 Cinema Camera.

For those who don't know, the Super 8 was an extremely popular film camera back in the day, however with the rise of digital footage the Super 8 suffered the fate as many other film cameras.

But now, Kodak are re-releasing the new and improved model to mark their 50th Anniversary  


Monday Motivation: 11th January 2016

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Monday Motivation

We thought we would start the week off with a David Bowie quote to celebrate his life, his music and his inspirational style.

Wise words, Happy Monday and keep inspired!



Friday Favourites: 8th January 2016

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Friday Favourites

Happy first working Friday of 2016! We hope it wasn't too painful. To celebrate, here are our Friday Favourites!

1) This Fashion Film: Isight Part 3: Fun produced by Dragon's Egg

2) This Promotional Video: Tesla Suit produced by Dragon's Egg

3) This Website: Show Studio

For many clear reasons, we love this website. It is the home of fashion film, and seeing as fashion film is one of the many things we do, we found it to be inspirational! Our Director has also submitted a fashion film (the 2nd teaser for Insights) to them! So good luck to her!



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Working Wednesday: Fun

It is almost finished!
And tomorrow the long awaited third and final part of the 'Insight' teasers titled 'Fun' will be released. 
We previously had 'Recognition' where our heroine starts to see a change in herself, 'Desire' where she yearns for the change and of course we end on 'Fun' where she embraces the change.



DoP Tuesdays: 5th January 2016

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DoP Tuesdays

'When I'm operating a handheld shot and the Director asks me to "give it a bit more life" '

(Taken from DoP Life -


Monday Motivation: 4th January 2016

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Monday Motivation

The first post of 2016 and we thought we should start on a quote:

As we look towards the new year and our new projects, we must remember to stay focused on the things we want to achieve. Whether it be financing that film or winning that client, focus is key.