DoP Tuesdays: 22nd December

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DoP Tuesdays

'When I'm on set and I hear the Director and Producer talking about what their next project might be'

(Taken from DoP Life: )

It's not a festive one but it will get you thinking about work in the new year!


Monday Motivation: 21st December 2015

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Monday Motivation

It's Christmas this week, so of course our quote will be Christmas themed! So during this festive period find your inspiration and use it to fuel your projects into the new year!

Happy Monday!


Business Networking 101

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Working Wednesday: Business Networking 101

For most, when we talk about "Business Networking" it sends shivers down their spines. When you Google Business Networking the definition that comes up is "an effective low-cost marketing method for developing sales". To me that sounds dreary.

Yes, business networking is an excellent way to generate business development as people like to do business with people; but this does not mean it needs to be a feared, tiring and sometimes boring event. If this is how you feel, turn that feeling around and see it as an opportunity to meet "your" people. By this I mean the people who can help you and your business, or who you can help. 

At these events, meeting people, getting to know their company/service or product and listening to their needs, then explaining how you can help is much more favourable than having your polished sales pitch ready to throw at anyone who will listen. Show a real interest in the people around you and ask great questions, if you do this you will be more memorable.

The most important thing to remember is that "there is no such thing as a waste of time" if you aren't lucky enough to get a hot lead, or that big client you wanted, you have experienced and learned. For every person you speak to you become braver to initiate conversations, now don't "work the room" you are not there to gather as many business cards as you can physically fit in your pockets, you are there to strike up meaningful and lasting relationships with people. These are the people that will possibly refer you to a potential client.

Another thing to ease you into these situations is that even the most seasoned networker (you know the person I mean, they seem to have it together at all times and know exactly what to say and when, they are usually the people with a flock around them) are nervous too. You are not alone! But if you notice, these people smile and engage, they use that nervous energy and turn it into excitement, excitement is contagious. 

So, that event you don't want to attend, go. Wear a smile, know your service or product, show a genuine passion and enthusiasm, and listen to others. You'll leave a lasting impression which makes following up that little bit easier.

Happy Networking!


DoP Tuesdays: 15th December 2015

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DoP Tuesdays

This post taken from the hilarious DoP life:

'When you're panning during the take and you discover the runner on their first day is frantically trying to wedge themselves out of the way into the corner of the set'


Monday Motivation: 14th December 2015

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Monday Motivation

This week's quote is from Nikola Tesla himself.

Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.


Friday Favourites: 11th December 2015

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Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Just two more to go until Christmas!

1) This 'Behind The Scenes' Advert: Vision Direct

2) This Picture: Client Expectations

3) This Picture: CEO-Intern


Post Production Thursdays: 10th December

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Post Production Thursdays

Each Thursday we will post on anything to do with post production. This week we kick off with this website:

Movies In Colour is a website that features shots from films and the colour palettes to match. It's a great thing to use for inspiration, references and even to learn more.


The Rise of Corporate Video

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Working Wednesday: The Rise of Corporate Video

Corporate Video. I know what you're thinking... boring! I'm here to tell you it's not. As mentioned in a previous post 'Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?' video is quickly becoming the best way to advertise and promote your services as well as to communicate within your establishment.

 Corporate videos have gone through an evolution of sorts, we started with shots within the office and people typing away, and a voice over that sends you to sleep, only to be suddenly awoken by the logo of the company to symbolize the end of the video and the end of your suffering. And now, the corporate videos are starting to be more interesting by having more variety in them.

However, this video for Risual takes it to a whole new level:


DoP Tuesdays: 8th December 2015

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DoP Tuesdays

This is our first post for DoP Tuesdays. Every Tuesday our Co-Founder Artur will post a gif depicting the woes and loves of being a Director of Photography. All inspired and taken from the infamous 'DoP Life' Tumblr account.

Here is the first, titled:

'When the first AD asks me if I'm ready to turn over'


Monday Motivation: 7th December 2015

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Monday Motivation

Hello all it's Monday Motivation and we have a brilliant piece for you!



Friday Favourites: 4th December 2015

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Friday Favourites: 4th December 2015

Last week we gave you music videos, this week we will give you more range.

1) This Advert: Dear Kitten

2) This Quote: Stories

3) This Fashion Short: The Kooples


The Beauty Of Film Part Two

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Working Wednesday: The Beauty of Film Part Two

Last week we gave you the simply amazing trailer for The Hateful Eight. Shot on 65mm with it's full release in Ultra Panavision 70.

Below is a clip by the cast and crew introducing this exciting film!




Monday Motivation: 30th November

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Monday Motivation

Last Wednesday we posted about Quentin Tarantino, and today we have a motivational quote from him.

"When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'No, I went to films'"

It doesn't matter what your background is. If you have the motivation for something, do it.


Friday Favourites 27th November 2015

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Friday Favourites: 27th November 2015

This week we have a treat for you, all three of our favourites are new music videos. They are all very different but just as inspiring as the last.

1) This Video: Chemical Brothers

2) This Video: Hurts

3)This Video: Ten Walls

Have a lovely weekend!



The Beauty of Film

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Working Wednesday: The Beauty of Film

Filmmaking is an Art

Gone are the days of shooting on film, or are they. Now with an industry saturated with digital cinema cameras film has slipped to the sidelines. Discussions of film have divided filmmakers, with many stating that they can't tell the difference between shooting on film and digital, while the other side heavily disputes this.

With quick changing and developing new technologies, shooting on digital allows you to flex your creative muscles more, and make more weird and wonderful shots. Shooting on film can limits this.

Here is the trailer for Tarantino's new film 'Hateful 8' that was shot on 65mm.

Film or digital, its the people that make the picture, but film will always be that little bit more magical to watch, depending on what you're going for!

Here are also some stills our Editor took on the 1980's Yashica FR.



Monday Motivation: 23rd November 2015

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Monday Motivation

The winter has officially arrived and to celebrate, here is all the motivation you need!

And for the making on Snow Day, check this out:


Friday Favourites: 20th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

This week we have a Christmas theme to our Friday Favourites since there are some amazing christmas adverts out there. So sit back, watch and enjoy!

1) Christmas Advert: John Lewis

2) Christmas Advert: House of Fraser

3) Christmas Advert: Argos


Making Content

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Working Wednesday: Making Content 

Making the right content for your business is absolutely paramount. 

Marketeers want to tell captivating tales that entice the audience to want to know more, and thus more about the brand. Especially now that there are so many way of ducking and weaving out of having to be 'subjected' to advertising.

David Messinger explains it perfectly in his article "4 Lessons Hollywood Can Teach Brands About Winning Big Audiences" in AdWeek. He explains that marketeers could learn from Hollywood on producing innovative, mind capturing content. As, arguably, no one does it better than Hollywood

For the full article from the man himself, click here


(Taken from AdWeek)


Monday Motivation: 16th November 2015

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Monday Motivation

"Scorsese once told me, 'The things you do poorly are as much a part of your style as the things you do well.' Which was totally true, and oddly reassuring." — David Fincher

Happy Monday! One of the Top Dogs at Dragon's Egg thought it was a great idea to start the week with this quote from Fincher. So make your failures your own, embrace them, learn from them and get back out there.



Friday Favourites: 13th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

It's Friday the 13th, so no walking under ladders and stay away from black cats! Instead make yourself comfortable and have a look at our Friday Favourites.

1) This Fashion Film: Insight Part Two: Desire

Of course at number one is our second teaser for Insight

2) This Music Video: Touch U

In at number two is our favourite music video right now!

3) This Advert: The Body Shop Christmas

And feel free to sing along to this chirpy number from the Body Shop.

Happy Friday!


Online Distribution

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Working Wednesday: Online Distribution

After the release of our music video 'Touch U' our attention is now on online distribution.

There are many ways to maximise your distribution, but first you need to provide amazing content. Content that will inspire and make people actually want to share the video around. You can post your video everywhere, but if your content isn't all that, you will find it hard to get the views and your sharing potential will dramatically decrease.

Once you have settled on the content and shot it, you then need to make use of all your social media sites. A good way to do this is to draw your audience in before the actual release date. Don't just hit your viewers with the video, make them excited to see it. If your audience are excited, again they are more likely to share your video around. A very good way to build the suspense is to set a timer, or a countdown on your homepage.

Once you have succeeded in gathering a mini following, it's time to release the video anywhere and everywhere you can. For example a blog. 

Which leads me onto my last point. For those of you who missed Monday's post, may I please refer you to the video Below. Produced by Dragon's Egg, the official music video 'Touch U'.


Monday Motivation: 9th November 2015

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Monday Motivation

This week's motivation is our music video that we are pleased to officially release today. Have a watch and share it around.




Friday Favourites: 6th November 2015

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Friday Favourites

We have officially locked picture on Touch U, our music video. Thus, as our one and only Friday Favourite, we are pleased to announce it's official release on Monday 9th November!



Luxury Property Show

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Working Wednesday: Luxury Property Show

Today we were very lucky to attend The Luxury Property Show at the beautiful Hurlingham Club in London, drumming up business.

Everyone from Real Estate Management to Investors were there, as well as some enjoyable and insightful seminars from industry professionals.

(Also, the new Tesla S Model made an appearance!)

Is was a great show in beautiful surroundings, looking forward to next year!



Monday Motivation: 2nd November 2015

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Monday Motivation

Today's Monday Motivation is this image. It's a still from our fashion shoot we shot in Belarus,our Editor and Director have been working tirelessly on it all weekend, and it's almost done!

Stay tuned for the release of the second trailer!



Friday Favourites: 30th October

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Sunday Favourites: 31st October

Happy Halloween!!! Have a very spooky weekend!!

1) This Video: NASA

This is an amazing video of liquid shot in 4K in SPACE!

2)This Spooky Short: Happy Halloween!

The Dragon's Egg Team would like to wish you a very happy Halloween, may your costumes be scary and your bags full of candy!


Kicking Around

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Working Wednesday: Kicking Around

Amidst the heavy editing that is going on, we managed to escape the suite to shoot a short promotional video for Mini Tekkers.

Mini Tekkers is a football club run by FA qualified coach Lee Scutchings and is Kingston based. We were lucky enough to shoot in the gorgeous sunshine and get some excellent shots!

Check out their website:

We will have the video up and ready to view next week, so keep on the look out!



Monday Motivation: 26th October 2015

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Monday Motivation

A good friend of the Dragon's Egg team sent us this amazing video. Its just over a minute, but it's a minute worth loosing to watch this.

It is such a beautiful video, and makes some extremely valid points. 
Watch and feel inspired!



Friday Favourites: 23rd October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 23rd October 2015

It's Friday and the weekend has pretty much begun (even if you are still in the office - you still have that Friday Feeling!) So to really kick off the weekend, here are our Friday Favourites!

1) This Jewellery Designer: Dinny Hall

Dinny is known as the Queen of hoops. And for good reason too. 
Her jewellery is inspirational and one of a kind. Click on the link above to see her website.

2) This Video: The Cinematography of Robert Yeoman

For all you budding cinematographers, this is worth a watch!

3) You

Are you a performer, singer, actor, dancer, artist? Are you creative and want to showcase your talent? Here at Dragon's Egg we are embarking on a series of short documentaries displaying London's spectacular talent.

So get in touch at and send us your stuff for the chance to be featured! 


Hotels, Animation and Us

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Working Wednesday: Hotels and Us

Today we are attending the Independent Hotel Show at Olympia London, and we are so excited to see all the exhibitions.

Everything and everyone remotely associated with the hotel business is here, from software developers to bed bug sniffer dogs!

Our Sales and Marketing Executive, Kate, is wondering around armed with references drumming up clients for advertising campaigns. So if you're there exhibiting, visiting, are a hotel or have a product she will let you know what we can do for you!



Monday Motivation: 19th October 1015

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Monday Motivation

This week we are motivating you in a different way. 
Thanks to the guys at we are giving you an article with the top 20 most inspirational speeches from films! 
So have a watch through and get motivated!

Happy Monday and enjoy! 


Friday Favourites: 16th October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 16th October 2015

This week has certainly been a busy one here at Dragon's Egg. We have been on and off set, in and out of the edit suit and all over the city for meetings. So it's with great relief that we get to sit down and recap on the things that made us smile this week.

2) This Advert: Make a Gorilla Happy

Bill Oddy stars in these quirky little adverts about The Gorilla Organization. The idea behind it is to bring more awareness to Gorillas and this charity, it works! By bringing the Gorilla into your habitat it really get's you thinking. So click on the link above, it will make you smile and think twice about the majestic animal!

3) This Documentary: Russia's Toughest Prison by the BBC

This documentary is truly startling. The subject is quite eye opening and depressive but the cinematography is just beautiful. The filmmakers have opened the lid on this prison and dove right in. You are quickly captivated and unwilling to lookaway. Watch for yourselves.


Tesla Studios and Dragon's Egg

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Working Wednesday: Tesla Studios and Dragon's Egg

This week we are in production with Tesla Studios for their promotional video.

 Tesla are a skilled team of developers and designers who specialise in micro controller programming and virtual reality.

The creative geniuses there are in the prototype stage of the very exciting Tesla Suit. They describe it as a wireless suit made of smart textile clothing fully integrated into a virtual reality system. 

It is truly the suit of the future. 

The video will be primarily for their kickstarter campaign which will start on the 25th of October, just before their promotional tour starting in Poland for the Wolves Summit.

To find out more about Tesla Studios and the Tesla Suit please visit their website 

And if you would like to follow in their footsteps and use us for a promotional video, give us a call before the 2nd November and you will be eligible for our Autumn Discount!



Monday Motivation: 12th October 2015

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Monday Motivation

'If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it'

As we are slowing into the Autumn haze, it can be quite easy to put a little slack between you and your goals, as many will start to feel the change of season have an impact.

But pick up that slack, as the quote above says, if you are constantly thinking about it, keep working on it. Use the new season fuel your new thinking to push harder to achieve your dreams.

If your new thinking includes promotional videos for your business, don't forget we are still in our Autumn Discount phase, so get in touch to see how we can help you.



Friday Favourites: 8th October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 8th October 2015

It's the end of the week again and time for our Friday post. We have seen and done a lot this week so it has been quite hard to pick only three things that have made us smile, but we managed, just! Without further ado below are our favourites!

1) This DJ: Ach Jr

This is a new one for us, this video is not film, fashion or advertising related, but it is music related. Meet 3 year old Ach Jr, he appeared on South Africa's Got Talent and received a standing ovation, watch to see why.

2)This Womenswear Walk: Tom Ford

Made by Nick Knight Show Studio, this video has a refreshing take on the catwalk, not to mention Lady Gaga! 

3) This Post: Adweek's 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in September

Adweek  is a great source of information, ideas, inspirations and comments on adverts, both on print and film. But this post on the top 10 adverts watched on YouTube in September is worth a read (and watch). 

These adverts are all different as they are promoting different brands, but they all have one thing in common, they captivate the viewer.

If you want an advert, talk to us, we are in the middle of our Autumn Discount.



Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?

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Working Wednesday: Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?

As we are fully into our Autumn Promotion on Advertising Campaigns, we thought it would be a good idea to really get into what video advertising is, and why you need it.

Many business, large and small don't factor video advertising into their marketing budget, this is for many reasons but the main seem to be because of cost and effect. There is a notion that video is for the large brands who have hundreds of thousands to spend on a video, and have enough brand awareness that they already have an audience.

However, neither of these points stand today. The world of video advertising has changed dramatically and the pros now outweigh the cons.

Why Video and Why now?

According to Cisco, around two thirds of mobile traffic will be video related in the very near future. YouTube sees around six billion hours of video consumed and more than one billion new visitors in just one month. And as read in The Gaurdian, seven in ten people view brands in a more positive way after watching interesting video content from them.

These statistics are all pointing heavily to brand videos soon being the first thing that consumers search for when looking into a business.

What Kind of Video Do I Need?

There are an abundance of types of videos a brand can use. Not all advertising needs to follow the layout of the 'typical' commercial you will see on television. 

Customer reference videos are a good start for promotion, they can include success stories and video case studies. These are great to install confidence in your brand as the consumer can see 'real' people who have used your service and are satisfied. It ignites the trust factor in your company.

General promotional videos include branded entertainment, sponsored video and of course commercials. These videos can be a little longer than customer reference videos, as they are more on the entertainment side then 'real time' success.

If your business provides a service or entertainment, event videos are ideal for you. The consumer will be able to see you 'in action'! They have the ability to see what they are investing in (whether its time or money) it provides transparency and again touches on the afore mentioned trust factor. 


As mentioned above, the benefits of contemporary advertising are outweighing the cons. For example, time and target audience.

 Once you have uploaded your content online, your target audience can reach and search for it any time, day or night. Now with high speed streaming and downloading on devices, your video has the ability to be viewed by who you want at any time. No more scrapping for the 'prime time' spot on broadcast television!

Versatility is an excellent reason to produce video content. With social media sites now dominating a lot of the advertising space, you can share your video on many platforms. The more sites you upload on the more potential views, the more potential customers. And the best part, uploading your video is free!

Sharing potential is another huge pro to video advertising. Just like your content can be viewed any time anywhere, it can also be shared by anyone. This means that your video has the potential to reach millions in a very short space of time. As well as sharing, on many social media accounts consumers can 'like' and comment, thus your content engages with your audience. Engagement is key.

The general misconception around affordability is that you need to dish out tens of thousands or be a big enough brand that you already have a large following behind you. But that is now not the case. As there are now other ways of getting your video seen, you don't need to pay for expensive airtime. You only pay the cost of the production. Once it's finished it is up to you when you post it, what sites you post it on and how you share it. 

Video advertising is now accessible for business of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a Butcher or a Beautician, Spa or Theme Park; we can advise, create and produce the right video for you and your brand.

So drop us a message and let us help you advertise! 


Monday Motivation: 5th October 2015

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Monday Motivation

Summer is most certainly over and it's the first Monday of October. But it isn't all bad, Autumn brings the beautiful colours of the falling leaves, hot coffees clutched by gloved hands and the crisp morning air. 

And the best thing about Autumn... our discount on all promotional videos and advertising campaigns. So drop us an email, give us a call, and pop by for a chat!



Friday Favourites: 2nd October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 2nd October 2015

1) This Video: Insight Part One: Recognition

Insight is our Fashion Film that was recently shot featuring the amazing Reckless Wolf lingerie. We are very proud of it, therefore it is the top and only favourite of this week's 'Friday Favourites'.

Without giving too much away, Insight is a play on our inner wants and desires... you will have to keep watching to find out more.

We will be releasing two more previews of the film after 'Recognition' in the first week of every month until our official release in December so stay with us to see how the story unfolds.

Again, we would just like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication on this project, we couldn't have done it without you.


Fashion Police

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Working Wednesday: Fashion Police

Tomorrow we will be releasing the official teaser from our fashion shoot in Belarus. We are just in the final stages of making it perfect, so keep an eye out!


In the meantime, we are Day 3 into our Autumn Discount launch on Advertising campaigns. So get in touch if you think your brand needs that extra something! - Offer ends 02/11/15


Monday Motivation: 28th September 2015

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Monday Motivation

In honour of the beautiful Blood Moon  and Monday Motivation we have a short clip of the eclipse.

To honour this, we are launching our new Autumn Discount on Advertising Campaigns, to find our more just e-mail!


Friday Favourites: 25th September 2015

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Friday Favourites: 25th September 2015

Good afternoon all, 

It's that time of the week again, Friday Favourites.

1) This Music VideoTrailer: Touch U 

Of course coming in at No.1 is our trailer for the soon to be released music video 'Touch U' by Yashar Gasanov and Igor Arhipov. We shot this video in Belarus last month and have been adding some finishing touches to it back here in London. 
The official release date is soon to be confirmed.

2) This Documentary: Everything is a Remix

Thought you were original? Think again. Everything from technology to creativity is an idea that has been taken, adjusted and sold on. This documentary is definitely worth a watch.

3) This Advertising Campaign: Vacheron Constantin

I never knew the story of a watch could be so captivating. But this really is, you almost forget you are watching an advertising campaign as you get so wrapped up in the story.   

Have a good weekend!


Oh You Tease

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Working Wednesday: Oh You Tease

Tomorrow we will be releasing a teaser of the upcoming music video 'Touch U' by Yashar Gasanov and Igor Arhipov.

Showing emotions through dance and movement, this teaser will have you on the end of your seats wanting more! 

It will be released on all our social media pages:

So keep an eye out for it!


Monday Motivation: 21st September 2015

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Monday Motivation

'The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me?'
by Ayn Rand

This Russian born American novelist got it right, and it's this week's Monday Motivation quote. If you adopt the 'go and get it' attitude the results may just surprise you.

Happy Monday!


Friday Favourites: 18th September 2015

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Friday Favourites: 18th September 2015

1) This Festival: London Fashion Film Festival 2015

(the Astronaut that also 'attended' the festival!)

Of course one of the favourites this week is the London Fashion Film Festival we attended on Tuesday. As mentioned in our 'Working Wednesday' post, it was useful, fun and insightful. We recommend anyone looking to make a Fashion Film of their own to attend next year. The great thing was that anyone can submit, from students to industry professionals.

2) This Stabilizer: Artemis Trinity

Artemis Trinity is just a great piece of steadycam equipment. Because of its new way of stabilizing the camera, you can achieve a whole new combination of shots that were previously almost impossible to get. Watch the video below to hear from Curt Schaller himself on what the Artemis Trinity can do for you.

3) This Blog: No Film School

This blog is light-hearted, insightful and mostly fun. It  keeps you up to date with the latest technology, grants and releases and not to mention the great interviews.


Fashion Film - What is it?

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Working Wednesday: Fashion Film - What is it?

Last night we attended the London Fashion Film Festival at the very extravagant Mondrian Hotel, our main purpose was to see what others are doing in the world of Fashion Film. As it is a very new niche there is still a lot of freedom for artistic creativity and it was interesting to see how other Directors used this to their advantage.

As we are currently in post production for our own Fashion Film that we recently shot in Belarus, it was useful to 'scope out the competition' as it were. Last night showcased the whole range, from fashion documentaries to films that focussed more on the artistic representation of fashion and style than a heavy narrative.

The main questions that ware floating around last night was What Is Fashion Film? How do you define it? Is it a story? A piece of art? A commercial? Or a documentary? 

Our interpretation:
There is no blueprint for the right format, Fashion Film is what you make of it.


Monday Motivation: 14th September 2015

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Monday Motivation

Possibly one of the best quotes that came to our attention today:

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"
- Milton Berle

 With a week of festivals and meetings we will keep this quote in mind!

Happy  Monday!


Edit Edit Edit

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Working Wednesday: Edit Edit Edit

This week we have been focusing on post production for the recent shoots we just finished in Belarus. 

The next few weeks will be very busy, but very exciting as we start to see all our shots come together to make great pieces of work!

Here is a sneaky pic to give you guys a clue on what you can expect from us!


Monday Motivation: 7th September 2015

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Monday Motivation

'Get busy living, or get busy dying' 

Yes, the above quote is from The Shawshank Redemption, and yes it is very upfront. 

But sometimes at the beginning of the week you need a little push on the motivation front. So grab that script that has been gathering dust on your desk and do it! There is no time like the present.

Have a good Monday!


Farewell Minsk

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Working Wednesday: Farewell Minsk

Today the crew fly back to the UK after a successful month's shoot in Belarus. We are coming back with lots of footage to sink our teeth into (one fashion film and one music video)

Pictured is a little insight into our night shoot for the music video. stay tuned for further developments on the various productions shot out there. They are going to be unique and spine tingling. 

For now Dragon's Egg would like to say a massive thanks to all of our crew in Belarus for helping us make such beautiful and thought provoking work.


Friday Favourites: 28th August 2015

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Friday Favourites: 28th August 2015

It's that time of the week, the time we share a few of our favourite things!

1) This Camera: Arri Alexa

We just finished shooting on the Arri Alexa for our Fashion Film. It's heavy and a little on the complicated side to work with. However, it has made our Friday Favourites because the quality is something to marvel at. For what we were trying to achieve it was perfect.

2) This Effect: Liquid Nitrogen

For our next production we are using liquid nitrogen to add some more depth to the narrative. Liquid nitrogen is a favourite in not only the film industry but in the theatre too. And for good reason, many use it to portray an ambiguous atmosphere, but you will have to wait to find out how we'll use it! 

3) This track: 1 Bad B*tch by Zebra Katz

(Please note: Strong language in this track)

This track is currently on our 'Motivation' playlist! It has got our team through those creative blocks and pushed them through shooting. We are loving the fashionista sound, and let's face it, Zebra Katz is unique, different and awesome!
Have a great weekend!


Shooting Fashion

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Working Wednesday: Shooting Fashion

We have officially wrapped on our fashion shoot in Belarus. It's been a whirlwind, we are ecstatic with the footage and can't wait to finish it up in post-production.

Here is a little shot of what our shooting day was like:

The theatre really bought the production to life, even if at times it was a little on the spooky side - there is something about old buildings in the dark. And the cast and crew were, as always, excellent! We just want to thank everyone who helped make the shoot run as smoothly as possible.

We are currently working on our second music video whilst we are out there, so keep following for further updates!


Monday Motivation: 24th August 2015

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Monday Motivation

We are all about starting the week in a positive, creative way. After spending the morning working out what this week entails and the dreaded 'To Do' list has been drawn up, I think this quote is quite fitting.

"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

Happy Monday and let's get those cameras rolling!


Friday Favourites: 21st August 2015

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Friday Favourites

This post is dedicated to some of the things we love and inspired us this week.

1) This Technique: Double Exposure

(Photo by Simon Hart - taken from Flikr account:

Double exposure is here to stay! For starters you can see it in True Detective's opening sequence, and it is stimulating our creativeness! If done properly it can be used to portray a variety of things, places and even emotions! We get a lot of briefs from artists who want it featured in their videos. It gives you so much creative freedom, quite frankly we love using it!

2) This Music Video: Pstereo by Emilie Nicholas

Putting the incredible soundtrack aside, we are loving the discrete animation in this video. Too many times you see an overly ambitious production heavy with animation. This can sometimes over power the rest of the picture, and in the case of music videos, the track itself. 
However, the Pstereo video has pulled it off with complete perfection.

3)This Online Magazine:

Filmmaker magazine has fresh articles and always delivers interesting interviews from industry professionals. Whatever your preference, this magazine will open your mind up to new ideas and new techniques to help give your production that added zest!


Beautiful Belarus

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Working Wednesday: Beautiful Belarus

The Dragon's Egg team are lucky enough to be shooting a fashion film in the amazing city of Minsk.

We love it there, we have a fantastic crew who always do such a great job for us! They helped us produce our last music video 'Instincts' by Yashar Gasanov. And made it into the slick, inspiring video you see below!


Our next shoot will reveal a tantalising secret in a gorgeous location: The interior of a theatre. There has always been something magical about the theatre, it's a place where you can explore all types of characters, stories and emotions. That's what it's for! But we especially love the beauty of the place. 

The balconies give you an old, regal feel and the colours are so rich it is perfect for what we are trying to portray. Of course we can't give too much away regarding the story, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. But I can promise you, it will leave you with a tingle in your spine and wanting more!


Hello from us!

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Good morning Dragonettes!

Welcome to our new blog. Here we will post a few times a week on what we are doing, what we are feeling and what is inspiring us!

A little about us:

Our passion is producing beautiful, outstanding content for our clients (and ourselves!). Each brief we get in we take time over, our creative team shut themselves away, far from distractions to make sure each production is as slick and technically brilliant as the last.

What you can expect from us:

We always like to try new things. We believe that experiencing new things opens our minds up to the world around us and thus helping us to be more creative. So we will regularly keep you informed on all the things that make us tick, and hopefully you may share the inspiration with us.

In the meantime,

Happy Reading!

The Dragon.