Online Distribution

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Working Wednesday: Online Distribution

After the release of our music video 'Touch U' our attention is now on online distribution.

There are many ways to maximise your distribution, but first you need to provide amazing content. Content that will inspire and make people actually want to share the video around. You can post your video everywhere, but if your content isn't all that, you will find it hard to get the views and your sharing potential will dramatically decrease.

Once you have settled on the content and shot it, you then need to make use of all your social media sites. A good way to do this is to draw your audience in before the actual release date. Don't just hit your viewers with the video, make them excited to see it. If your audience are excited, again they are more likely to share your video around. A very good way to build the suspense is to set a timer, or a countdown on your homepage.

Once you have succeeded in gathering a mini following, it's time to release the video anywhere and everywhere you can. For example a blog. 

Which leads me onto my last point. For those of you who missed Monday's post, may I please refer you to the video Below. Produced by Dragon's Egg, the official music video 'Touch U'.