Friday Favourites: 29th January 2016

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Friday Favourites

To start the weekend off, here are a mix of cultural and artistic favourites we gathered through the week!

1) This Website: The Map of Belarus Establishing

We love this website, it's a source of intresting information on the history and formation of Belarus, and its's interactive! As you scroll down the timeline you can actually see, animated on the map, how these specific events have shaped and reformed the country. Who said education wasn't fun!

2) This Music Video: Wide Open

As you may have seen in our Post Production post, this video's concept would not have been possible without the special effects applied in the post production stage of the project. We think it deserves the 'Favourite' status as it's so seamless and free flowing! 

3) This Still: Ocean

Taken from we love everything about this picture, from the contrast between light and deep colours, to the links between the endless ocean and the endless sky.