Promotional Videos For: Mobile Phones

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Working Wednesday: Promotional Videos For: Mobile Phones

As is the way with many other promotional videos out there, mobile phone adverts are becoming more cinematic and stylistic. But is seems that there are two distinct groups, the apple crowd and the android crowd, both having two styles of promotion.

Starting with the iPhone 5 commercial  below we can see their minimalist style, focussing on nothing else but the phone. Hinting that the phone itself is so innovative and great that it doesn't need anything extra to help promote it.

In contrast we have the Sony Experia Z3 advert that is much more colourful, vibrant and bright. It's almost showing a lifestyle that comes with the phone rather than the phone itself.

Both of these styles clearly work very well due to the success of the phones themselves, but it depends on what type of person, you the viewer, is. Are you a minimalist iPhone with a clean style and upfront, or a more creative android brightening your surroundings.