Promotional Videos For Food Products

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Working Wednesday: Promotional Videos For Food Products

The food adverts. We all know and love them. If you weren't hungry when you started watching them you certainly will be by the time they finish with you.

So what is it about them that makes them so mouth-wateringly good? If you pardon the pun. They have been spilt in to two separate camps, the "welcome home" comfort camp, and the "we make food beautiful" cinematic camp. Both are very different but just as effective as the other.

The comfort camp appeals to the audience who see food as the factor that brings together families and friends, it has a real sense of community. For example in the below KFC advert we see a young boy dealing with the stress of being adopted into a new family,  but alas all his fears disappear
 when the bucket of fried chicken is brought out and the start of his new life beginning. Because whose fears don't instantly vanish when faced with fried chicken?

Another great example of the comfort camp is the Richmond Sausages advert. A son flies the nest to do what he wants to do, but comes home to the familiar home cooked sausages.

The next camp is the cinematic camp. Here we see food displayed as a work of art, the advert almost acts as a sensory overload, with all the colours and the sounds, you can't help but wander if you have been transported to the TATE to watch a new installation. Lurpak and M&S are industry leaders in this type of advert.
The Lurpak advert shows how the act of cooking itself can be majestic and magic.

In a similar tone, this M&S advert shows that their food alone is enough the get those stomachs rumbling.

But to top it off, Warburton's bread has enlisted celebrity help to add comic relief to this exciting advert.

Food is one of those products you can manipulate into may forms of advert, but judging by the success of these individual brands, food is a big seller however you portray it.