Beautiful Belarus

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Working Wednesday: Beautiful Belarus

The Dragon's Egg team are lucky enough to be shooting a fashion film in the amazing city of Minsk.

We love it there, we have a fantastic crew who always do such a great job for us! They helped us produce our last music video 'Instincts' by Yashar Gasanov. And made it into the slick, inspiring video you see below!


Our next shoot will reveal a tantalising secret in a gorgeous location: The interior of a theatre. There has always been something magical about the theatre, it's a place where you can explore all types of characters, stories and emotions. That's what it's for! But we especially love the beauty of the place. 

The balconies give you an old, regal feel and the colours are so rich it is perfect for what we are trying to portray. Of course we can't give too much away regarding the story, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. But I can promise you, it will leave you with a tingle in your spine and wanting more!