Friday Favourites: 21st August 2015

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Friday Favourites

This post is dedicated to some of the things we love and inspired us this week.

1) This Technique: Double Exposure

(Photo by Simon Hart - taken from Flikr account:

Double exposure is here to stay! For starters you can see it in True Detective's opening sequence, and it is stimulating our creativeness! If done properly it can be used to portray a variety of things, places and even emotions! We get a lot of briefs from artists who want it featured in their videos. It gives you so much creative freedom, quite frankly we love using it!

2) This Music Video: Pstereo by Emilie Nicholas

Putting the incredible soundtrack aside, we are loving the discrete animation in this video. Too many times you see an overly ambitious production heavy with animation. This can sometimes over power the rest of the picture, and in the case of music videos, the track itself. 
However, the Pstereo video has pulled it off with complete perfection.

3)This Online Magazine:

Filmmaker magazine has fresh articles and always delivers interesting interviews from industry professionals. Whatever your preference, this magazine will open your mind up to new ideas and new techniques to help give your production that added zest!