Fashion Film - What is it?

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Working Wednesday: Fashion Film - What is it?

Last night we attended the London Fashion Film Festival at the very extravagant Mondrian Hotel, our main purpose was to see what others are doing in the world of Fashion Film. As it is a very new niche there is still a lot of freedom for artistic creativity and it was interesting to see how other Directors used this to their advantage.

As we are currently in post production for our own Fashion Film that we recently shot in Belarus, it was useful to 'scope out the competition' as it were. Last night showcased the whole range, from fashion documentaries to films that focussed more on the artistic representation of fashion and style than a heavy narrative.

The main questions that ware floating around last night was What Is Fashion Film? How do you define it? Is it a story? A piece of art? A commercial? Or a documentary? 

Our interpretation:
There is no blueprint for the right format, Fashion Film is what you make of it.