Friday Favourites: 18th September 2015

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Friday Favourites: 18th September 2015

1) This Festival: London Fashion Film Festival 2015

(the Astronaut that also 'attended' the festival!)

Of course one of the favourites this week is the London Fashion Film Festival we attended on Tuesday. As mentioned in our 'Working Wednesday' post, it was useful, fun and insightful. We recommend anyone looking to make a Fashion Film of their own to attend next year. The great thing was that anyone can submit, from students to industry professionals.

2) This Stabilizer: Artemis Trinity

Artemis Trinity is just a great piece of steadycam equipment. Because of its new way of stabilizing the camera, you can achieve a whole new combination of shots that were previously almost impossible to get. Watch the video below to hear from Curt Schaller himself on what the Artemis Trinity can do for you.

3) This Blog: No Film School

This blog is light-hearted, insightful and mostly fun. It  keeps you up to date with the latest technology, grants and releases and not to mention the great interviews.