Friday Favourites: 4th March 2016

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Friday Favourites

Here are your exciting Friday Favourites! And they are exciting, we have three visually stunning documentary films to transport you to exotic and breathtaking places. 

1) Samsara

Watch the above trailer for this brilliant non narrative documentary and find out more about it here:

2) Baraka

The maker of Baraka went on to do the above mentioned Samsara. They have a clear style, so captivating! The makers also shot both documentary films on 70mm film making the productions even more surreal.

3) Ashes and Snow

Ashes and snow has a strong theme throughout, it's reflected in the use of colours and movements.

All of these documentaries are a must watch for budding (and experienced) filmmakers, use them to inspire you for your next project. Take them as a learning that the world we live in is colourful, different, unusual and simply beautiful. 

So go out there and film it!