How To Make Promotional Videos For: Sportswear

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Working Wednesday: Promotional Video: Sportswear

Sportswear commercials are becoming increasingly more cinematic, show stopping and motivational. If they are making you, the viewer, want to get up and play sports or work out, then they have achieved their goal; because you will need something to wear when your running/ swimming/ going to the gym.

There are many brands that have mastered the "motivational" advert, Nike being one of the most famous, and after looking at the above video you can see why. 

In contrast to the typical motivational sportswear adverts, there are more comical ones. For example, one from our last Friday Favourites blog (and yes, it's another Nike commercial).

Another way for sportswear brands to draw more attention to themselves is to use celeb endorsements. A great example of this are the Foot Locker adverts, this one featuring Kevin Hart.