Friday Favourites: 16th October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 16th October 2015

This week has certainly been a busy one here at Dragon's Egg. We have been on and off set, in and out of the edit suit and all over the city for meetings. So it's with great relief that we get to sit down and recap on the things that made us smile this week.

2) This Advert: Make a Gorilla Happy

Bill Oddy stars in these quirky little adverts about The Gorilla Organization. The idea behind it is to bring more awareness to Gorillas and this charity, it works! By bringing the Gorilla into your habitat it really get's you thinking. So click on the link above, it will make you smile and think twice about the majestic animal!

3) This Documentary: Russia's Toughest Prison by the BBC

This documentary is truly startling. The subject is quite eye opening and depressive but the cinematography is just beautiful. The filmmakers have opened the lid on this prison and dove right in. You are quickly captivated and unwilling to lookaway. Watch for yourselves.