Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?

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Working Wednesday: Video Advertising, What's The Big Deal?

As we are fully into our Autumn Promotion on Advertising Campaigns, we thought it would be a good idea to really get into what video advertising is, and why you need it.

Many business, large and small don't factor video advertising into their marketing budget, this is for many reasons but the main seem to be because of cost and effect. There is a notion that video is for the large brands who have hundreds of thousands to spend on a video, and have enough brand awareness that they already have an audience.

However, neither of these points stand today. The world of video advertising has changed dramatically and the pros now outweigh the cons.

Why Video and Why now?

According to Cisco, around two thirds of mobile traffic will be video related in the very near future. YouTube sees around six billion hours of video consumed and more than one billion new visitors in just one month. And as read in The Gaurdian, seven in ten people view brands in a more positive way after watching interesting video content from them.

These statistics are all pointing heavily to brand videos soon being the first thing that consumers search for when looking into a business.

What Kind of Video Do I Need?

There are an abundance of types of videos a brand can use. Not all advertising needs to follow the layout of the 'typical' commercial you will see on television. 

Customer reference videos are a good start for promotion, they can include success stories and video case studies. These are great to install confidence in your brand as the consumer can see 'real' people who have used your service and are satisfied. It ignites the trust factor in your company.

General promotional videos include branded entertainment, sponsored video and of course commercials. These videos can be a little longer than customer reference videos, as they are more on the entertainment side then 'real time' success.

If your business provides a service or entertainment, event videos are ideal for you. The consumer will be able to see you 'in action'! They have the ability to see what they are investing in (whether its time or money) it provides transparency and again touches on the afore mentioned trust factor. 


As mentioned above, the benefits of contemporary advertising are outweighing the cons. For example, time and target audience.

 Once you have uploaded your content online, your target audience can reach and search for it any time, day or night. Now with high speed streaming and downloading on devices, your video has the ability to be viewed by who you want at any time. No more scrapping for the 'prime time' spot on broadcast television!

Versatility is an excellent reason to produce video content. With social media sites now dominating a lot of the advertising space, you can share your video on many platforms. The more sites you upload on the more potential views, the more potential customers. And the best part, uploading your video is free!

Sharing potential is another huge pro to video advertising. Just like your content can be viewed any time anywhere, it can also be shared by anyone. This means that your video has the potential to reach millions in a very short space of time. As well as sharing, on many social media accounts consumers can 'like' and comment, thus your content engages with your audience. Engagement is key.

The general misconception around affordability is that you need to dish out tens of thousands or be a big enough brand that you already have a large following behind you. But that is now not the case. As there are now other ways of getting your video seen, you don't need to pay for expensive airtime. You only pay the cost of the production. Once it's finished it is up to you when you post it, what sites you post it on and how you share it. 

Video advertising is now accessible for business of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a Butcher or a Beautician, Spa or Theme Park; we can advise, create and produce the right video for you and your brand.

So drop us a message and let us help you advertise!