Friday Favourites: 8th October 2015

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Friday Favourites: 8th October 2015

It's the end of the week again and time for our Friday post. We have seen and done a lot this week so it has been quite hard to pick only three things that have made us smile, but we managed, just! Without further ado below are our favourites!

1) This DJ: Ach Jr

This is a new one for us, this video is not film, fashion or advertising related, but it is music related. Meet 3 year old Ach Jr, he appeared on South Africa's Got Talent and received a standing ovation, watch to see why.

2)This Womenswear Walk: Tom Ford

Made by Nick Knight Show Studio, this video has a refreshing take on the catwalk, not to mention Lady Gaga! 

3) This Post: Adweek's 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in September

Adweek  is a great source of information, ideas, inspirations and comments on adverts, both on print and film. But this post on the top 10 adverts watched on YouTube in September is worth a read (and watch). 

These adverts are all different as they are promoting different brands, but they all have one thing in common, they captivate the viewer.

If you want an advert, talk to us, we are in the middle of our Autumn Discount.