It's All About The Schedule

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Working Wednesday: It's All About The Schedule

Writing a production schedule is often the most laborious task of pre-production,  but it's essential.

Your production schedule is essentially your bible for the production, it is one of the most important documents you will need, apart from the script! It's there to state what scenes you are shooting where and when. Sounds quite standard doesn't it? However, it is also important to know that these can change at the drop of a hat. What happens when your location is suddenly unavailable for the day? Or one of your cast suddenly won't make it in for the shoot day? This is where your schedule becomes your god send!

It's good to use a scheduling software such as Movie Magic, as breaking your script pages into eights and counting the locations by hand can be very tedious and a monumental waste of time.

Once you have your list of locations and their availability, stick to it. There is no need to shoot the production in a shot by shot, scene by scene fashion, you will be wasting time moving from location to location.

Make sure your crew know on the day what they are shooting, what cast are in, what props, ect. The last thing you want is for your crew to stand around looking lost. So keep everyone well informed.

It is also extremely important to remember that sometimes things will happen that are out of your control, and you have to find alternatives. With a clear plan it will be easier to reschedule and relocate.

Organisation is the key. But don't forget to have fun too!