What Brand Image Are You Portraying Through Your Video?

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Working Wednesday: What Brand Image Are You Portraying Through Your Video?

We are starting to get to grips with the New Year, and with it new technologies and trends, but still promotional videos (albeit much more popular) are not seriously taken into consideration when doing marketing budgets.

There is still a large notion that you can get a promotional video shot on high quality equipment for cheap. The costs simply don't add up.

As a consumer, you wouldn't want to see an advert on TV or online for a high street brand, or car brand that was shot on a phone or tablet and edited by someone who got savvy with i-Movies, it would put you off the brand. So don't do the same to your consumers.

There are many companies that get seduced by the beaming 'videographer' who assures you that for a few quid he will shoot and edit your video on his camera. But please beware, as there are probably a lot of talented people out there doing the same thing, there are a lot of people who are inexperienced and will deliver low quality and usually jumpy edits.

Promotional video should be seen as an investment, you should seek out professionals who know how to sell through video and chances are you are going to make the cost of the video back with interest! A good video is attractive, and these videos get shared, this means more views, more likes, more website views and ultimately more converted customers!

Don't forget that this low quality video is portraying your brand. Your customers are not only after your product, they are looking to buy from your brand, as chances are you are not the only one selling what your selling. It's your brand that differentiates you from your competitors, so make sure your brand image is top notch!

There's a saying "Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room" so make sure you leave them with a good impression.